Our company’s solidarity impulse has been turned over to all those who altruistically requested the relevant fabrics that we have.
Comertex has developed a textile line with membranes produced with polyurethane NANOFIBRES and a line of finishes with last generation products to improve anti-viral, water-repellent and biocide treatments for the manufacture of safety and health material for individual protection.
It should be noted that our articles comply with current approval regulations, as well as the textile manufacturing, composition and finishes which are unavoidable.
We continue to work on the application of highly breathable membranes to 3/D fabrics for high quality and safety masks.
We will continue to report on all relevant developments.
Any order or commercial enquiry can be made by telephone 600202145 or by e-mail to pedidos@comertex.es

Below we detail references, compositions, widths, finishing and stock of the following articles: